The 2 Keys to Moving On From Your Seriously Awful Breakup


Breakups suck, but not all breakups hurt the same.

There are normal breakups & super-awful breakups.

Just how bad are the super awful breakups?

Let me explain it this way…

In the Harry Potter world, there exist creatures called Dementors that feed off happiness.

If you’re near a Dementor, all your happy feelings vanish. 

Depression and despair consume you.

That’s what a normal breakup feels like.

It’s horrible enough. 

But far worse is to be kissed by a Dementor…

The dementor’s kiss sucks the life, the soul out of you.

You become an empty shell. Not dead but not quite alive...

And there’s no possibility of recovery.

That’s exactly what those super-awful breakups feel like, except-

Recovery is possible.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients move on from this type of soul-destroying breakup.

Helped them recover from the 'dementor’s kiss'.

Once upon a time, however, I didn’t know how to.

All I knew was there were only 2 things I hated more than seeing the loss of confidence a breakup can cause…

The first was the loss of self, caused by the breakup. (You'll find out the second later.)

So I asked myself,

What separates the normal breakups from the super-awful ones?

If only I could find the difference, I’d unlock the keys to super-awful breakup recovery.

I began researching. Analyzing, formed theories.

Tested them with clients, revised my theories.

Experimented again…

I was determined to beat the Dementor’s Kiss,

being trapped is one of my own greatest fears.

I almost gave up many times.

Then I remembered the hopeless faces of my clients.

Until one day, I was done. I had a counter-spell.

A step-by-step method to move on from a super-awful breakup.

I knew how to cure the Dementor’s Kiss. And I tried this in many live client sessions to prove it worked.

To my shock, there was a twist,


The difference between women in normal breakups & women in super awful breakups…

It all comes down to 2 things. 


With these 2 keys, you can kiss the breakup blues goodbye.

I'll reveal the 1st key later (it's a surprise), so let’s start with the 2nd key…

Why is it so difficult to heal a broken heart?

Boom… Boom…

Not an explosion, or thunder.

It’s something else that requires tons of energy…

Your heart.

You already know your body is an electrical system. It’s why a lightning strike doesn’t sound fun.

But you may not know just how powerfully electric your heart is.

Believe it or not, it’s even more electric than your brain.

Suppose we measure the electrical field of your heart using what’s called an ECG (electrocardiogram).

And then we measure it for your brain using an EEG (electroencephalogram).

How much more electric is your heart?

2 times?

Guess again…

5 times?

Not even close.

The answer is more than 60 times!

The heart’s electrical field has at least 60 times greater amplitude than brain waves.

And that’s not all…

The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times stronger than the brain's.

That’s not a typo. More than five thousand times.

The heart is literally powerful. It’s full of crazy amounts of power.

But there’s a dark side…

Breakups disrupt the heart’s energy flow. There’s a reason it’s called a “broken heart”.

If your relationship was negative, your heart’s energy disruption is greater. Your heart's more broken.

And if your breakup was sudden, or nasty in some other way, then your heart's not just broken…

It’s shattered. The pieces are harder to put back together.

And so you’re stuck in breakup hell.

To move on, your emotional energy must be restored from negative to positive.

From chaotic to calm.

How can it be restored?

We’re getting ahead of ourselves.

For now, just remember…

The 2nd key to unlocking a super-awful breakup is emotional energy.

The 1st Key to Moving On From Your Super-Awful Breakup

To understand the power of the 1st key, you’ll need to read this entire section. No matter how off-topic it seems at first, don’t stop reading… Because there’s a surprise!

HINT: It has EVERYTHING to do with moving on from a super-awful breakup

Ready for it?

Stanford University psychology professor, Susan Dweck, has studied how we process life events and realised there are two types of mindsets:

A Fixed Mindset: You think success is based on intelligence.

A Growth Mindset: You think success is based on effort.

And which mindset you have matters. Big time.

In her book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, Dweck explains just how much it matters.

To change... you need a GROWTH MINDSET so you can move past life events without getting FIXED.

A Fixed Mindset holds back your success potential. Change your mindset, and you can change your success… You can change your feelings, you can even change who you are.

And here’s what I found…

You either have a mindset that helps you recover from a breakup: the growth one,

or you have a mindset that keeps you in breakup hell: the fixed one.

You need the GROWTH MINDSET to help you recover from a super-awful breakup.

What is this mindset? What attitudes is it made up of?

Again, not so fast.

For now, remember this...

The 1st key to unlocking super breakup recovery is the mindset.

So you now know what the 2 keys are.

Why Most Breakup Advice Fails to Help

So the keys to unlocking super-awful breakup recovery are mindset & emotional energy.

To move on from your breakup, you must eliminate your mindset barriers AND your negative emotional energy.

Most breakup advice ignores one or both of these keys.

For example, “talk it out”. Sure, talking it out feels good for a while…

But it solidifies your mindset barriers. And feeds your negative emotional energy.

Result? You stay in super breakup hell.

Or take the advice, “Avoid contact with your ex”.

Great advice, actually. Prevents your negative emotional energy from getting worse.

But doesn’t fix it,

It doesn’t restore you from negative emotional energy to positive.

And does nothing to break down your mindset barriers.

Result? You stay in super-awful breakup hell.

Another thing you hear is, “Be glad you learned who he/she really is”.

The biggest problem with this is it focuses on your ex.

But your recovery is dependent on YOUR mindset & emotional energy... not them. 

Your ex might be a jerk. Let it go, and think about you.

When I saw the faces of clients, I hated seeing the loss of confidence…

The loss of self… The loss of hope. They often lose THEMSELF. 

That’s why I developed a step-by-step method for helping clients move on from these kind of breakups.

Introducing My Step-By-Step Guide to Moving On From Your Breakup


I decided to write down my entire step-by-step method. And offer it as an online guide.

My step-by-step guide contains the 2 keys to help you unlock that door.

The 1st key is mindset, or The Head.

The 2nd key is emotional energy, or The Heart.

So my guide takes a Head & Heart approach to helping you move on...

Just follow the simple steps and you’ll break down your mindset barriers and replace them with mindset boosters.

You’ll transform your emotional energy from negative to positive… It works!

I’ve helped hundreds of clients move on from super-awful breakups using the same method.

That’s because I’m always improving it based on new research, client results, and guide feedback.

So when you access my guide, you’re getting the latest & greatest step-by-step method to help you move on. Plus, my guide is as short as it’s effective…

You won’t find 30 hours of videos or 300 pages. No time-consuming steps.

You’ll finish my guide content in 4 hours or less.

The steps are easy to understand. Simple to follow. Quick to finish.

Ready to move on? Click this button to get instant access to my guide


The 5 Side Effects of Breakups to be Aware Of

The emotional pain of a breakup is well, painful enough. If that’s not enough to motivate you to move on once and for all, here are 5 more reasons: 

1) Physical illness & disease

2) Reduced inner peace & harmony

3) Exhaustion & fatigue

4) Lowered confidence

5) Barrier in meeting a new lover

There are much more, of course. So, check out my guide, How to Move On From Your Breakup.

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You won’t need to schedule an appointment with me or talk to anyone. You won’t need to watch endless hours of video, or read countless pages.

Just $97 and internet access. For life-changing advice,

A simple step-by-step method.

Based on my unique Head & Heart approach that’s proven to work…

Kind Thoughts

Debbie Pask

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