Powerful Metaphysical e-Learning for
Your Mind, Body and Spirit 

Rezinate's e-Courses are developed and created by Co-Founders
Debbie and James Pask 


The Living Spirit Program

A 12 Month Online Program To Master Your Metaphysical Health created by James Pask.

Learn the 'Art of Metaphysical Hygiene' and the universal language of spirit which, once understood, will give you the inner resources to stay connected to your own power. James will teach you the Key Principles (also known as Universal Laws) that govern how you operate in this reality and energy source field. He will also give you the self-healing techniques and activities to support these ideas to empower you to intelligently look after yourself.

“James’ knowledge of metaphysics and ability to communicate that knowledge in an accessible way is fantastic. James shares his knowledge and skills with generosity and warmth, giving practical examples and ways to incorporate metaphysical principals into everyday life. James is a teacher who really walks his talk with the greatest of integrity.”

Leander, Rezinate student